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About Mugur                                Traducere in romana

Mugurel Micodin was born on April 25, 1974, in Constanta, Romania.

His somatic type is ectomorph. His thin aspect had determinate him to forward to bodybuilding.

Graduating primary school, 14 years old School camp, 15 years old

He had a childhood with no serious sportive activities except 2 years of performance swimming at the age of 7 and amateur basketball on the schoolyard, starting from 16 years old until 30.  

He started training in bodybuilding at 18-19 years old at home. The first 5 years was for discovering exercices, principles, training programs, body particularities and responses. After that period of time, he moves his training in a gym. From that moment, things turn with 90°.

He took the great Victor Richards as his role model. From that day on he has trained consistently and hard and it is a great testament to his determination, inner 'spirit' and drive that has allowed him to achieve actual physique.
     Victor Richards                          Sam Addo    

He has been training 4 days on a week, for 1h - 1h 10min. at San Gym Constanta (
Starting january 2008, two days on week he is participating at american football trainings, in a local team, Constanta Sharks, where he activate with no. 98, as linebacker in first year and next with no.34 as running back.

Training principles: piramidal loading of weights, 4-7 correct reps plus 2-4 with partner help or tricked, 7-12 sets per muscle group, 2-4 exercises per muscle group.

Favorite muscle groups: always biceps (is most geneticaly gifted), but were one at a time, deltoids and chest.

Meals: 5 -6, including supplement intake. Rest minim 8 hours a day usually in the 22:00 - 06:00 interval.

Role models: Victor Richards who match the esthetic ideal, next to Johnnie Jackson, Flex Wheeler, Sam Addo, Chris Cormier, Sanya Frederic.

Used supplements:
Universal: Mega Mass 3000, Giant Mass 4100, Gain Fast 4100, Milk&Egg, Amino 2700, Amino 4300, Uniliver, Natural Sterol, Natural Sterol Extreme, Cromium, Cromium Max, Creatina, Vitamin C 500, Daily Formula, Animal Pack, Animal Stack2
Scitec: Volumass 35
TwinLab: Amino Fuel

Now: Omega 3
Natural Plus: Masiv Mass, Creatina, Glutamina
Pro Nutrition: Milk&Egg, Glutamine, Glutamine FX, Creanabol, Cell FX, Tribulus
AFP: Antioxidant
Activ: Whey Protein, Creatin Pur
Vitamins and minerals: Your Life, Walmark, Eurovita, Vitamax, Zn, Mg, Ca
...and NO STEROIDS !

Supplements tried:
Met-Rx  Whey Protein Ultramyosyn
GNC  100% Whey Protein
BSN: Cell Mass
N.O. (various)

Other hobbies: american football, beach, mountain expeditions, photography and video, music and DJ-mixing, computers and Internet.

Degree in electronics, computer hardware specialist.