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Tuzla, march 31, 2007




Dobrogea Mountains, spring 2007



Slava Rusa, Tulcea, 10 June


Piatra Craiului, 30 June - 1 July:






Padis, 05-13 August:

Day 0: Road, Detunata, Scarisoara glacier, Groapa Ruginoasa (Rusty Pit)

         Bucium Sasa,               An ad-hoc guide is            
Beutiful Aries Valley                           starting place to Detunata                                                                     offering to show us the unmarked path

      We say: "Let's go                               
                  walking around to see what's more"                                                     We find a spring ...           ... and a lot of moss

                                                                            Way back to the village                                                                         Curious thing.      Road from Garda de sus to...  

 ... Scarisoara glacier

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Way to ...           ...Groapa Ruginoasa (Rusty Pit)

                                                                                             On DN 75 to Padis

Day 1: Cetatile Ponorului

  Taking GPS coordinates                                     
of Galbena and Cetatile Ponorului crossroad                      Good way to start hicking with a fall         Ponor Spring

  "Hello stranger,                                      
, I'm coming to you! "                  "I'm with my girlfriend ! "      A part of horses from Padis was in Poiana Ponor           This little mare is very sticky...

             This year            The forest road indicator.   
                                         .. that she let me ride her              was many whirlpools                            Break, chocolate, water and...GPS !

The descent to the Portal.     Watch out the biceps !                                                                                             To climb to the top like a topknot is easy, harder the descent is.

         View to doline 2                          
                                                         from under the portal (HDR)                     The entrance               "The miners "

                             Exit to doline 3,
In the cave's turn, the light enter thru the ceiling windows                                                                                                                           a steep scree (HDR)

             The steep                 
                                                                            Doline 3                          climb to te balconies

  Wanted rest place                                          
"La Grajduri".That way is Padis !              Something I miss...                                                                                                        Last assault

                              At auntie with pies            If even        
Distinct personality.            Padis plateau           with blueberry jam or anything else             this one is not natural ...       

Day 2: Galbena Circuit

                       Barsa and                             
This year storms                                                                           Galbena Stone crossroad                    Galbena Stone                                   Focul Viu glacier

                             Poiana Florilor (Flowers Lawn)

                             Right here                     
      Galbena Gorge                                                                                                                                I didn't reduce the tripod...              Monkey business

                                                         Fan Fall                                                                         Underground sector                          (HDR)

                                                                                                                                                                   Galbena Spring

                                Bortigu vertical cave

Day 4: Cetatile Radesei

                                       180°  on...                           ... Varasoaia lawn                                                                                                                               Radesei, Portal

                                                                                                  (HDR)                                                                                                                                         The canion

    The fall ,              A place       Here it                          
 one of the springs of the Somesul Cald           with a heart place          comes the big rain !       for Strongest Man

Day 5: Small village Casa de Piatra, Coiba Mare si Huda Orbului caves

                                        Here is a wonderfull echo !                                                                         Lens distortion ?                      Green nuances

              Coiba Mica                                       Coiba Mare                                                                        (HDR)                      Small village Casa de Piatra

                                               180°                                                                                    Huda Orbului


Day 6: Boga Stone

                                   Padis Canton                                                                                         (HDR)                                                 Boga Stone

                                                                                                                                                    Boga village

            Varasoaia lawn                           Padis cave

Day 7: Way back home

Rainbow around Aiud                                                                                 Rasinari, Sibiu



Danube at Topalu, 29.september



Danube Delta, 18-21 october



Constanta, 4 november


Bran, 23-27 december

   Prahova Valley                                         Bran